Conférences : EUROGRAPHICS’2021 (Vienna, Austria), May 3–7, 2021

Rémi Ronfard a présenté l’étude « Montage Spatial: quels outils pour la mise en scène en réalité virtuelle immersive? » (Convention de recherche Ministère de la Culture/Ensad/Inria) lors de la session  State-Of-The-Art Reports

Friday, May 7, 2021 10:00 – 11:20 – STAR 7: Film Directing for Computer Games and Animation

Over the last forty years, researchers in computer graphics have proposed a large variety of theoretical models and computer implementations of a virtual film director, capable of creating movies from minimal input such as a screenplay or storyboard. The underlying film directing techniques are also in high demand to assist and automate the generation of movies in computer games and animation. The goal of this survey is to characterize the spectrum of applications that require film directing, to present a historical and up-to-date summary of research in algorithmic film directing, and to identify promising avenues and hot topics for future research.